House System:    

Reflecting both our country and the strength of our school,each house will be represented by a dragon.Each dragon in turn will represent one of the five elements and their correspondence characteristics.There are a total of 5 houses.)

The Metal Dragon :

The Metal Dragon possess all the qualities to achieve great success: enthusiasm, unwavering confidence and intense determination.

The Water Dragon :

The calmness and coolness of Water pacifies the naturally aggressive Dragon. This attribute will provide the Dragon with clarity and water element will also make him expansive, open and gentle with others.

The Wood Dragon :

The Wood Dragon has the ability to attract fortune and luck possess a natural curiosity towards everything and are unafraid to explore the unexplored.

The Fire Dragon :

The Fire element strengthens the naturally fiery Dragon. They breathe power and ambition, and are unsurprisingly the most competitive of all Dragons. They have intense energy and place high expectations in all areas of their life: love, career, self-development etc.

The Earth Dragon :

The Earth element allows the Dragon to be more grounded, level-headed and stable.
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